The Fogo Posto performing live @ Club Liberte Helsinki 6.9.2012!!

Come join us!




The Fogo Posto´s 2nd album “The Legend Of Johnny Ghost” is published!!! Equal Dreams enjoy!!!!

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  1. Zeldan says:

    The Australian Indie Movie “Johnny Ghost” has the The Fogo Posto´s song (video) Johnny Ghost in their Facebook page. Check it out here:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Johnny-Ghost/122147554486667?v=wall

  2. admin says:

    There will be new videos in gallery soon!!! Fabulous!!!

  3. admin says:

    There IS new movies in Gallery!!!

  4. Zeldan says:

    The Fogo Posto “Unplugged” in Pacifico!!!
    Helsinginkatu 15
    Helsinki, Finland
    Today 27.1.2011, be there or we´ll burn you!!!!

  5. Zeldan says:

    The Fogo Posto “Unplugged” Tour Continues!!!!!
    Legendary Unplugged tour in it´s most intimate climax!!!

    Be there or we´ll burn you!!!

    Iso Roobertinkatu 13

  6. Zeldan says:

    Some acoustic live movies in movie gallery, check it out!!!!

  7. Zeldan says:

    Três Fogos album “Paraiso” is ready and available!!!!


    Get your copy!!!

    ps. Coverart will be in Três Fogos page later this month!!!

  8. Zeldan says:

    Três Fogos “Paraiso” is released today!!!! Hallelujah!!!

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